Saturday, June 20, 2015

Restaurant Guide | New York

Food has a very special place in my heart, even to the point where the only thing I researched before going to New York was places I wanted to eat at. Typical Emily. I also happen to be one of those (very annoying) people who obsess over pretty interiors whenever I go out to eat. If you ever want to stalk my food adventures, make sure you're following me on Instagram (@_emilyleung) because I promise, there is no greater joy than sharing all this beautiful food with you. With that said, here is my list of my favorite eats in New York ranging from places in Queens to Manhattan.

Nick's Pizza, Bluestone Lane, Little Italy
Nick's Pizza (Forrest Hills) | When I arrived that first morning on a red eye flight, I felt soooo groggy to the point where food didn't even make it on to the agenda. However after a four hour nap, I woke up to the sound of my aunt's voice asking if I wanted to go out and get some dinner. When she suggested pizza, I immediately flew out of bed. Ok, exaggeration here but let's just say New York is known for its fabulous pizza, and this place was no exception. Though pricier than your normal NY street slice, this pepperoni pizza was by far the best I have ever had. Complete with a thin crust, real mozzarella cheese (yes, the squishy ball), and thick, deliciously seasoned pepperoni, my first slice of the big apple did not disappoint.

Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe | After reading Tanya Burr's recommendations of places to eat in New York, I knew I had to take a visit. You can't go to an Australian cafe and not order their banana bread, so that is exactly what I did. Bluestone Lane is the perfect way to start off any morning, especially if you love some avocado on toast.

Chelsea Market | Though I was too full to actually eat anything here after eating at Bluestone Lane, the hustle and bustle of people combined with the smell of food was quite enticing. From tacos to Thai, Chelsea Market is one place I will definitely save my stomach for the next time I visit.

Veneiro's | Nestled in the heart of Little Italy, this decades old bakery is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Their lobster's claw and creams puffs are not to miss out on!

Dig Inn, Five Leaves, Delicatessen
Dig Inn | My cousin called it the flower child of chipotle, and I quite frankly agree. We actually stumbled upon this place by accident when we were roaming the streets around Union Square looking for a place to eat. Pleasantly surprised, Dig Inn was a nice healthy meal after days of eating quite unhealthy food. I chose a tender braised beef with brown rice for my main course and added on sides of cauliflower mac and cheese and a spinach, mango, and raisin salad.

Five Leaves | After a successful thrifting adventure at Beacon's Closet, we turned the corner to eat at Five Leaves, an American bistro with Aussie accents. The interior had such a nice charm to it, and I swear I could feel the conversation flowing inside. My burger oozed fragrant juices, and man, did I wish I ordered their fries.

Carmine's | If you are ever with a large group and you're craving some Italian, Carmine's is the place to go. They are famous for their family portions, and let me tell you, they serve some huge family portions made for what I would say serves at least five people. Their chicken parm was delicious, and I swear I have never seen a larger piece of chicken in my life.

Delicatessen | I saved the best for last. This last stop was my favorite restaurant during my stay in New York. Placed in the middle of classy Soho, Delicatessen is any mac and cheese lover's dream. Their four cheese mac and cheese (first picture in this blog post) was the best I have ever had. I also sampled some of their apple pie brioche french toast, and man, that was the perfect way to end off my meal. A dessert disguised as breakfast, this lovely panko adorned french toast was so light and yummy. The wooden tables and cute serving dishes also made this the perfect classy brunch spot for a get together with your friends.

What are your favorite restaurants in New York?


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