Monday, March 24, 2014


To most, 17th may not seem very old, but to me, I still feel as if I should be 10 and in elementary school. To think that I will be 18 next year scares me as it means I will be a legal "adult." However, cheers to enjoying my last year as an official child!

Here are a few pictures from my birthday dinner at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour. I think I subconsciously chose Farrell's because I wanted to relive being a child. Farrell's is a restaurant decked out in American fanfare. Waiters wear red and white striped hats, pin-striped vests, and old fashioned ties. Their menus are newspapers, a perk for a newspaper geek like me, they sell old-fashioned American sweets, and the overall decor of the restaurant dates you back to the last century. Many come to Farrell's to celebrate their birthday, like I did, and thus, the restaurant can become a bit noisy at times with a birthday announcement every five minutes or so. The charming, yet loud, atmosphere can get a bit overwhelming, but the delicious "all American" food and ice cream hits the spot. After waiting for around 45 mintues in line, we sat down, and I ordered "The All American burger" with garlic fries, and both turned out to be delicious. Since it was my birthday, I was also served a Birthday Sunday paired with a rendition of "Happy Birthday" to Justin Bieber's infamous song "Baby" by some of the waiters and waitresses working there. I have to say it was quite awkward because I didn't know what to do besides smile while they were singing to me since I had no intention of standing up and singing along with them. Other than that, the night was really fun as I had also watched Divergent before dinner. Divergent was pretty good, and I have to say, I could not keep my eyes off Theo James. Look forward to seeing my birthday haul soon!

What is your favorite restaurant to celebrate your birthday?

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