Friday, May 8, 2015

DIY | Mother's Day Cake in a Jar

Need a gift for Mother's Day? Well I have an idea for you! I think of this more as a super simple DIY than a recipe post as I was a cheater and just used box mix and greek yogurt..shhh none of you better tell. 

You Will Need 
-one single-serving carton of vanilla (or whatever flavor you desire) greek yogurt for every jar 
-granola, nuts, fruit (optional for extra layers)
-a mason jar

STEP ONE // Bake your cake! I chose red velvet as I liked the color for Mother's Day, and I mean who can resist red velvet? 
STEP TWO // Vanilla greek yogurt works great as a healthy frosting on its own, but if you are using plain greek yogurt, adding some agave nectar or honey might help to sweeten it up. I found that greek yogurt has the tartness of cream cheese and the taste is actually quite similar!
STEP THREE // Begin the assembly process by layering a generous portion of cake with the greek yogurt. I made three layers total.
STEP FOUR // Top it off with some granola or nuts if you'd like, and cap the lid on tight. Tie a cute ribbon around the top, and you're finished!

P.S. I now have this great desire to work for a food magazine.

P.S.S. Happy 18th Birthday to my wonderful friend Hanna who faithfully reads my blog. I usually don't post on Friday's, but this one's for you!

What are you giving your mom for Mother's Day?


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