Saturday, March 21, 2015

My 18th Birthday!

Ahhh 18! What a crazy, yet exciting age to be. It's crazy to call myself a legal "adult" as my friends still think I act like a little child (one of my friends thinks my spirit animal is a five year old fairy.) I also received a little birthday present from all of you the day after my birthday as I reached 200 followers on Bloglovin'! Blogging has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and talking to all of you is what makes it fun. I have two more birthday posts coming up, one on my birthday haul and the second on celebrating my birthday at Disneyland. Oh, and if you're wondering who wrapped this beautiful present, it's none other than my sweet friend Nicole who is seriously a crafting genius. She mentioned that she reads all my posts in her letter (which was in a scroll by the way. yes, I said a scroll.) which genuinely made me so happy!

18 Favorite Memories Before I Turned 18

1. Window-shopping with my mom and giggling about the busy shoppers with a pretzel and lemonade
2. Jumping off the diving board into a 13 ft. deep pool for the first time when I was 3
3. Snorkling with sea turtles and schools of colorful fish in Maui
4. 6 years of ballet but especially the moment I got my first pair of toe shoes
5. Receiving the lead role in my first grade play. Yes, I was so proud I was the little hen with a whopping 10 lines.
6. Seeing my first snowfall one night while sitting in front of a window at my cousin's house
7. Going to the Hannah Montana concert in fourth grade (my first concert!)
8. My 10 year old birthday party- a huge bounce house with slides, pin the nose on the clown, and lots of presents
9. Attempting to learn how to ski in Lake Tahoe for two days but never getting past the bunny slope
10. Picking up my dog/younger sis Muffin for the first time. I don't have any siblings, so this day was so special.
11. Sixth grade was my favorite year of school. I had the funniest friends, a great teacher, and lots of pre-teen fun.
12. Being baptized on Good Friday
13. Seeing Hairspray, my first Broadway show, in NYC and running out in the rain to get the cast's autographs
14. Tutoring Snoop Dogg's (Snoop Lion) son and nephew and getting to talk to him at promotion about math
15. Making the mock trial team and (figuratively) killing it with my team at the courthouse four seasons strong
16. Joining my school's newspaper- stressful deadlines, lots of sarcasm, and Taylor Swift car jams
17. Playing bingo and making crafts with the lovely ladies and gents at my local senior home for two summers
18. Starting my blog three years ago while I was ever so bored over Christmas break (one of my best decisions yet)

Do you have any similar memories?




  1. Congrats on turning 18! Believe me, I'm 21 and I'm still the biggest child. You don't have to act all hrown up all of a sudden. Enjoy being 18 xx

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  2. Aww this post :') AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY EM YAAAAY FOR 18. YAY FOR ADULTHOOD. That present is gorg! Your friend definitely has more skillz than me. And I didn't know you were religious! What do you believe in?

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  3. Happy birthday and congrats on 200 followers!!! 🎉🎉
    Your birthday sounded awesome :') and also why is your life so interesting?!?! I swear the most exciting thing I've ever done is stay in my house for 2 weeks without going outside at all...

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  4. Happy Birthday ~

    I recently turned 18 too!

    lisa | lisaxbeauty

  5. Happy birthday gurlfraaand! I'm turning 18 soon as well...eep! But also congrats on 200, YAY! But woah woah tutored Snoop Dogg's kids?!? That is the most randomly awesome thing I've ever heard.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  6. Happy Birthday sweetie! Hope you've had/you have a lovely time celebrating :)

    ellie etc

  7. Happy birthday Emily! You have so many memorable moments and you will surely have more in the future. What a lovely present, it's so creative!

  8. Happy birthday lovely!! Enjoy being 18, it was probably my favourite age!! :)

  9. Happy Birthday! Turning 18 was so much fun :D

    Your #14 is so crazy.

  10. Happy birthday!

    Did you actually tutor Snoop Dogg's son + nephew?! Must have been a crazy and fun experience! My boyfriend went to Lake Tahoe to ski recently, he said it's such a nice place - so even if you didn't even get past the bunny slope, at least it's pretty over there ;) I wish I joined a club when I was in high school, I feel like I missed out on a big chunk of the whole high school experience!

    becky ♡ star violet

  11. Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great one <3 :) and congrats on your 200 followers as well!

  12. Have a fantastically happy birthday with many many more to come!

  13. A little late, but still, happy happy birthday!! I wish you a wonderful day and I hope all your ambitions come true :D Your 18 favorite memories sound so nice, tutoring Snoop Dogg's son and nephew?! New goal in life.

  14. Happy birthday (again)! Skiing is fun! I want to take it up again someday.
    Ooh, if you're into law stuff, I would recommend the Ace Attorney games. I don't really play video games much, but they are an exception! :)

  15. Thank you, Charline :) Haha, that's good to know! There are so many changes this year (like going away to college,) but I'm very excited for it all!

  16. THANK YOU SHERI! <3 Adulthood is scary place, haha! I honestly don't know how she wraps like that....I usually end up tearing the paper in all sort of places when I"m wrapping but I mean all that matters is the front ;) I'm Christian! (Baptist if we want to go into specific denominations LOL)

  17. Thank you, Yige! :) Sadly most of the interesting/fun parts of my life happened in my childhood when I had time to go places....sadly now, I'm confined to two places, my school or my house. I like to think of reading other blogs as my way of traveling the world, and hey, we don't even have to move an inch ;)

  18. Thank you, Lina :) Happy 18th Birthday to you too! 18 is such an exciting age to be, haha xx

  19. Thank you, Tasha!! :) How exciting! I seriously love that I know bloggers the same age as me because that means we get to experience similar things at the same time! (I would love to hear how uni is for you as I'm scared/excited or when I start in September :/)

    Now for the Snoop Dogg story since I know it was so random, but I just had to throw it on the list, haha! Basically, his son and nephew went to the same middle school as me for a year, and I happened to be my math teacher's TA (teacher's assistant) for the period they had her. At the end of the year when we had promotion (graduation), he came with his entire family (and body guards ...two very scary ones I might add.) My math teacher ended up introducing me to the mom and that's when I met him! He asked me what math class I was taking and I said geometry at the time and he told me he took calculus in high school (I did not expect that) and then he went on to be super random and told me to shoot for the stars LOL Oh and he was very, very, very tall.

  20. CONGRATS ON 200 BL FOLLOWERS! (Well, + by now)
    SWIMMING WITH FISH IN MAUI?? WHO ARE YOU, LILO (from Lilo and Stitch)?? I'd love to go to Hawaii someday though...heck, I've been looking at going to Tahiti/Bora Bora (11 hour flight from LA...wat....$2000 flight ticket...WHAT) but I need to get my driver's license before planning any trips! YOU'RE AN ONLY CHILD? YOU PRECIOUS THING, YOU (I need more photos of Muffin, fo'srs tho)
    I would've loved to been friends with you in 5th grade--BOUNCY CASTLES IN REAL LIFE FOR A BIRTHDAY PARTY??? ARE YOUR PARENTS LOADED??
    The only Broadway show I've seen is Hairspray, and I LOVED it. And IS IT SNOOP LION OR SNOOP DOG NOW? I have a friend who met Laurence Fishburne (aka MORPHEUS FROM THE MATRIX) because his daughter was at her summer camp. (Because he films Hannibal here in the summer and whatnot)


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