Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A California Spring Lookbook | Winter into Spring

I am absolutely in love with photography, the whole process really. Whether it's finding the right angle, arranging items in an (attempted) artistic matter, or editing a whole batch of photos, I love it. However the majority of my time, I take pictures of inanimate objects: face creams, nail polish, blush, you name it. It feels great to get a good shot, but the rewarding feeling is short-lived and almost empty in a sense. Once in a while, I am fortunate enough to have my cousin/best friend visit (promise guys, I have other friends too.) We are the same age, so we have been able to live through every step of our lives together, although at times on opposite sides of the country. The lovely lady you see in all my fashion posts, including this one, is my cousin Nicole. She has a strong passion for fashion that began in elementary school, and for the past two years, I have been happily recruiting her as the "model" for my blog. Every time we shoot, I see her confidence grow in front of the camera and mine behind the camera. I love how easy it is to shoot with her as we know how to make it a fun experience. I comment on her awkward smile, and she comments on my even more awkward squats (in my defense, I am trying to get a good shot!) Thanks to her, she reminds me what photography is all about, telling a story in the most subtle ways.

For this first look, we put together an outfit that shows you how to transition your winter wardrobe into spring. Blacks make up the majority of both our closets, and there's no reason why you can't incorporate that into your spring attire. One prominent spring '15 trend is black and white, and it was seen on the runway from designers like DKNY, Public School, and Thakoon. The key is finding black and white clothing with interesting prints, textures, and silhouettes to elevate the look. Another widely spotted trend was shirtdresses. Designers like Altuzarra, Charlotte Ronson, and Rebecca Minkoff used twists like double high slits and drop waists to re-imagine this classic.

Shirtdress | thrifted
Tights | Victoria's Secret
Ankle Boots | DSW

I just made a new Instagram for my blog yesterday, so if you would like to find me I'm @ahemitsemme! Leave your Instagram names below, and I will go and stalk :-)

How do you transition your winter wardrobe into spring?



  1. I was going to sayyyyy "Emme you look...different" then I read on and it's your cousin aha xx

  2. MAAAAAN spring temperatures for you is probably leaning more towards summer for me! It's getting around 40-50F right now which is an absolute JOY since it means all the accumulated snow is finally melting.

    I think your photography game has improved so much when I compare your last post in the California Lookbook series to this one! I on the other hand, am too swarmed with school and work that I don't feel like I'm giving enough attention to my blog and photography ;-;

    becky ♡ star violet

  3. The temperature difference is insane!! Yesterday was 80, and I was sweating my butt off walking around school, haha. BUT I will be visiting New York for a couple weeks in June, so I'll get to enjoy the lovely humidity with you ;) Do you have any recommendations on places I should visit?? :)

    Thank you so much for the incredibly encouraging comment! The more time I spend with camera the more I actually learn how to use it LOL I love fashion photography, and I never realized how extensive it really was until I tried to do it myself. I am awfully behind on catching up with other blogs, so I applaud you for still finding the time to comment! It hurts as I love reading all of your posts so much :(

  4. Hahhaha! When I was doing my Fall lookbook, everyone thought my cousin was me! I like my job behind the camera :)

  5. Your photos are beautiful! :) <3 I look forward to seeing the spring lookbook!

  6. I love the vibrant and super pretty colours in your photos! Your cousin is so pretty and I love her outfit. I'm a huge fan of shirtdresses and I really want one myself, because hey, I like shirts and I like dresses :D

  7. Ooooo, nice! What part of New York are you visiting? I can only recommend the big museums if you're in Manhattan, sadly I don't go out to explore that often ;-;

    I'm trying to be a little better with time management - I've even written time slots on my to-do list so I can hopefully follow them :P

  8. I'll be staying in Queens since I have family that lives there, but I'm definitely going to spend most of my time out and about! Are there are any Broadway shows or restaurants that you might recommend? :)

  9. YO I live in Queens!! I can definitely recommend some places here - Cafe de Cupping, Sushi Island, Kimganae, Pop's Diner, Joju, Panda Cafe, BKNY Thai, Kung Fu Tea/Coco/Quicklys if you're looking for some bubble tea, and the Unisphere (not a restaurant, but a nice landmark!) though they're all in/near Flushing and Elmhurst since that's where I frequent most. Astoria is a pretty nice neighborhood too, it's at the northern part of Queens but I can recommend Artopolis if you're feeling dessert because they have THE best cakes and pastries!

    Can't help much for Broadway shows though - I've actually never been to one before!

  10. Aw looking LOVELY! I'm always so envious of fashion bloggers or people that are able to pose without looking like an awkward potato (aka moi). And I have no fashion sense LOL. I just wear pjs and baggy tees most of the time..

    Sheri | Behind The Frames


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