Thursday, October 22, 2015

Travel Guide | A Day in LA

outside LACMA
It has been so long since my last post, and I have missed blogging so badly! I just started as a college freshman this fall, and life has seriously been so much fun but also very busy at the same time. I absolutely love university life whether it be hanging out with my hall mates or getting "breakfast" at midnight with my church friends. I won't go into college life too much because I plan to devout a future post to this exciting topic! Now that I have settled in and just taken my first midterm, I wanted to put up a post on my exciting day in Los Angeles last Saturday. Also, picture credit to Emily Sugiyama for a few of these pictures along with a huge thanks to her for letting me use her wonderful camera!


Brunch at Republique | For some stellar ambiance and french inspired architecture, Republique is the perfect place to have a nice brunch. You won't be disappointed with any of their pastries, especially their bombelini's! 

Coffee at Alfred Coffee and Kitchen | Talk about hip, the Melrose location of Alfred's is at the center of all the high-end (read as: Emily can't currently afford) stores. If you're lucky, you might even spot a celebrity here! I really enjoyed their iced caramel latte if you're looking for a midday pick me up. 

Dinner at Grand Central Market | Since the two places mentioned about are quite pricy, dinner at Grand Central Market is a great choice. They have everything from Egg Slut to cheap and delicious Mexican food for you to devour. 

Dessert at The Pie Hole | If you're a pie fan like my friends and I are, you will loveee The Pie Hole. Located in LA's Art District, The Pie Hole features some of the most unique pies around. If you're a fan of earl grey tea, give their earl grey pie a sample!

beautiful French architecture in Republique
the bombelini's are a must try

so much love for the seniors
creme brulee cheesecake


midday coffee and devo break


LACMA | If you're a tourist and you're looking for the classic lamp post photo op, LACMA is the place to go! Only one of us actually went inside, but it's a classic museum to check out if you're an art addict. 

Muji | Muji is literally stationary heaven. They sell everything from minimalistic pens and notebooks to acrylic cases for makeup. I'm seriously in love with this place. 

The Broad | If you're into modern art, The Broad is museum to go to. Their exhibits featured everything from giant sized table and chairs to chromatic tulips. 

Kirbi and Elise are so cute!
"The Emily's" 
The Broad
the seniors are too cool for me

 Have you ever been to Los Angeles? If so, what do you like doing there?



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