Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Summer has finally arrived. It feels so good to be back blogging again, and I have lots of exciting things that I will doing this summer (Do I hear the word cruise?) that I will be sharing with all of you on this blog. To start off my summer blogging adventure, I thought it was by time I started using Photoshop to edit my photos as well as head back into using my dad's Nikon DSLR camera. I was always disappointed with the photos I took with the DSLR camera, but I have now realized that the real problem was that I never used the right editing software. After spending quite some time with Photoshop this past year for my school's newspaper, I have become acquainted with the program, and now feel confidant enough it to experiment with photos for my blog. I truly believe that great pictures make up the foundation for a great blog because let's face it, we humans are visual addicts. Please be patient as I am still experimenting with Photoshop, but feel free to leave any suggestions or tips as I would love to hear them.

As those of us in the northern hemisphere begin experiencing warmer weather, we know summer has arrived. My past few summers have been filled with summer school, SAT classes, and honor and AP homework. This summer I have something also quite stressful, college applications. However among the busyness, there are those days where I get to enjoy my time out in the sun, and there are three stylish essentials that I make sure to have with me.

A comfy pair of suede flip flops prove to be both a beach necessity as well as a comfy way to step out of the house on a hot summer day. I recently got this pair from Loft at an incredible price. Simple flip flops are an everyday must for me as I hate open toe shoes, but these suede ones give off an effortless, chic vibe. I will certainly be taking these with me for my cruise in July.

Let's just say I have pretty bad vision. I see little blobs of colors when I take off my contacts, and I don't want to risk my eyes getting worse. Thus, a pair of classy, yet affordable, shades from Steinmart (yes, this is a store for women not my age, but in my defense, what was I supposed to do when I was waiting for my mom to shop?) are a critical staple for going outside. This beautiful pair of Isaac Mizrahi sunglasses are large enough to shelter my eyes from the sun, and the snazzy tortoise shell print around the frame is a nice touch to my useful accessory.

There are so many fun colors to choose from for summer, but white is a must for me because it can be paired with anything. This simple white and gold wallet/wristlet, also found at Steinmart, doubles as a mini purse because the middle compartment fits a phone and any other little necessities. 

What are your stylish summer essentials? What posts would you like to see on Ahem, It's Emme this summer?



  1. Using natural light and reflectors also helps to
    improve your photo's c: and I also use Photoshop
    ha :P anyway cute flipflops and sunnies! Xx

  2. love the white purse thing at the end! I really need one of these for when I go away! :) x

  3. Lovely post! I would love to see your summer beauty picks or something like that. Unfortunately, here in Australia we're freezing our butts off in Winter but hey, I can still experience summer through these posts right? Haha!
    Btw Hi I'm a new follower! :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  4. Wonderful post with so many interesting products!! I love that white classy and decent! :)

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  5. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing :)


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