Friday, April 10, 2015

The (Un)favorites No. 2

Everyone seemed to enjoy my first (un)favorites post, so I am very excited to write a second! A few of these products I received from friends and a couple I bought myself, so it shows that even with research, sometimes popular products just don't turn out in my favor.

Elf Essential Waterproof Eyeliner Pen | This is probably the worst liquid liner I have ever tried! I saw the faintest trace of black when I used it for the first time and the tip is so tiny, making it very hard to draw an even line. Elf seems to be very disappointing in terms of the eye makeup I have tried out so far.

Loreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner | I had such high hopes for this liner as I searched high and low for good drugstore liners. The tip is the problem area for me as it is extremely long and flimsy. If you are a pro at liquid liner, this may work out for you as it's the blackest, most opaque drugstore liner I have yet to try, but for an amateur like me, it was just way too hard to draw a thin, even line. I also didn't like how sticky the product was as I found it transferring to my eyelashes, making it quite dangerous when I went to curl them. I do have to say though that the lasting power is phenomenal, so if you can make it work, it would make a great product.

Bare Minerals Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer | I love the regular clear gel primer, but this brightening one just didn't seem to justify its high end price. One of the main purposes of a primer is to increase the wear time of the makeup, but this thin primer just didn't make much of a difference. It did add some subtle "brightness" with a slight shimmer but nothing that a highlighter couldn't do.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner | This was another product that I had high hopes for. Unfortunately, my oily lids didn't appreciate its supposedly smudge-proof (more like smudge-prone) formula. It is also marketed to have a waterproof formula that by all means didn't pass the test as I had smudge marks on my lower lash line almost everyday. No water needed. I also found this product to dry out extremely fast, forcing you to buy a new liner in a matter of weeks.

Earth Science Purifying Facial Mask | I enjoyed this product the first few times I tried it as it gave a nice tingly effect (it's also a vibrant, blue mask, so I felt pretty cool looking like avatar,) but recently, I found it to give off more of an unpleasant burning sensation. In the past few months, my skin has also become drier, and this clay mask only adds to the dryness.

What have been your (un)favorites recently?


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