Saturday, September 6, 2014

Celebrating my Mom's Birthday at Goofy's Kitchen

If it were up to me, I think every day should be a Disney day. In honor of my mom's birthday, I suggested having breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen, a character interaction restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel. My parents have always told me how they would take me when I was a little kid, but I never remembered it because I was so young! I was told that I used to cry when I saw Captain Hook, but thankfully many years later, I have successfully conquered my fears of the evil pirate. The prices are a bit high, but let's face it, it's Disney. The food was pretty tasty for a buffet, and my favorite had to of been the Mickey waffle with maple syrup, sooo soft, buttery, and sweet. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Since it was my mom's birthday, two of the staff members came to sing their special birthday chant, and it was so nice how the whole room joined along! They presented my mom with a chocolate cupcake along with "Happy Birthday" and "I'm Celebrating!" pins.

I have to admit though, I was more excited to take pictures with the characters, then to eat. There's just something about meeting these story book fellas in person that I can't get enough of. The five year old kid inside of me just wants to escape. We were fortunate enough to meet seven characters that day: Goofy, Captain Hook, Pluto, Princess Jasmine, Chip 'n' Dale, and Snow White. I am so glad that I could meet my favorite Disney characters without the long lines! I would recommend making a reservation in advance to save a bit of waiting time since they do get quite busy. This is truly an experience that I would recommend to Disney lovers of all ages!

Have you ever been to Goofy's Kitchen? What has been your favorite Disney experience?



  1. This looks so fun! (and I'm a little envious we don't have that in Australia!) Omgosh, I can only imagine how nice the waffles would've been! x

  2. Your little family is so cute! And you're right, the food looks pretty good considering it's a buffet! The characters are so cool. It's funny how we know they're not real but still get excited by seeing them.. Haha! Disney!

  3. that's such a cute way to spend your mum's birthday! i've been to the california disneyland and the one in paris but i've never sat down to eat at one of their proper restaurants like that, i think there's probably a lot more of it in orlando but i'm heading there next week so i'll find out!

    little henry lee

  4. Please, if you watch OUAT, you'd be /all/ over Captain Hook ;)
    When I went to Disneyworld a few years back, I was pretty excited to get photos and autographs with the characters. Devastatingly, I've since lost that autograph book.
    BUT THIS PLACE SOUNDS AMAZING. The Micky waffle and ice cream cup look amazing!


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