Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I am very happy to be back to reviewing beauty products, and today's is a face mask. In the past, my reviews on masks have all been on cream masks; however, this is a sheet mask. I love the idea of a sheet mask because I feel that it does a better job at hydrating the skin. They also feel a bit more luxurious to me and more of a treat.

Montagne Jeunesse was founded in 1985, but I have recently noticed this brand featured on many blogs. They are an eco-friendly, cruelty free brand that specializes in skin and face products. I have only seen reviews on their face masks; however, they also offer products for the body, feet, and hair.

I always like to begin with what I enjoy about a product. During the winter months, my skin gets dry, even though I have oily skin, and I start having dry spots in certain areas of my face. The Montagne Jeunesse Crushed Arctic Cloudberries Glacial Clay Spa Mask is a hydrating mask that replenished some moisture back to my skin. I liked that the sheet mask itself was a thick, fabric material, so it was hard to tear. After I washed my face, and put the mask on, it became quite hard after only a few minutes, which is what I like in most of my face masks because I have some weird logic that they're actually working when that happens. The cost of this mask, $2.49 at Ulta, is also pretty reasonable considering it's a sheet mask. Some of their other masks, such as the Green Tea Peel Off Face Masque, retails at $1.99. 

I have to say I expected a lot from this mask because it was so often reviewed on blogs, but I guess I have to learn that not everything that gets reviewed are actually great products. For starters, the mask had an unpleasant, sea water scent. When I had to apply in onto my face, I felt claustrophobic, and it instigated my gag reflexes. After a couple minutes, I got used to the scent; however, I feel like it's better for a mask to have no scent then to have an disagreeable one. The sheet mask was too big for my face, and I consider my face to be pretty large already. The holes didn't quite fit right either. The white clay dried extremely fast, but I found that after leaving it on my face for around 15 to 20 minutes, it was extremely hard to wash off, and I found myself rubbing quite hard at my face for it all to come off. Even after I washed it off, I felt a bit of a residue that was not quite moisturizing but more like leftover from the clay. The sheet masks that I have used in the past didn't require to be washed off, so I didn't like that feature about this one. 

Overall, the Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa Mask was a miss for me because it lacked in almost all the good qualities I look for in a face mask. My skin didn't seem to have an drastic improvements, so I would not reccomend this particular form their line of masks. Hopefully, some of their other masks work and smell better, but this is still not something that I would spend my money on. 

What is your favorite face mask?


*This product was sent to me by Influester in their Violet Vox Box to review, but all opinions are solely my own.


  1. Great post my favourite face mask is the heated chocolate one it's so gorgeous!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, look here for more info :)



  2. I love the face masks by Mario Badescu, right now I am using the whitening one and it seems to work really well!

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  3. I don't really use face masks, but I always associate them with being pampered, haha. Too bad this one wasn't so great :\


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