Saturday, May 30, 2015

My High School Graduation!

Well it's that time. Four years of high school have come and gone. There would truly be no better way to sum up my time in high school than through my senior column that I wrote for my school's newspaper. 

     "I remember the night “High School Musical” premiered on Disney Channel. I was in fourth grade, and I begged my parents to let me “stay up” and watch the Disney Channel Original Movie. I just had to find out what high school was like.
     The next five years went by very fast. Before I knew it, I was a freshman ready for the start of something new, which quite frankly terrified me. I felt like Gabriella on her first day, minus the fact that I wasn’t gifted with remarkable math skills. “High School Musical” didn’t tell me that almost everyone would be taller than me, that my locker would barely fit my dozens of heavy textbooks, and that taking eight AP classes was “the norm”.
     But there was one thing that I couldn’t get off my mind, and that was the question of what I was truly passionate about. I was scared because it seemed like all my friends had found their niche, but I was stuck in some weird limbo. Luckily, I decided to give mock trial a chance, and for the first time, I finally found a passion of mine. My years of talking in a slightly louder than normal voice, rambling on for hours about who knows what, and objecting to my parents’ every claim had all served their purpose. I found a niche of like-minded people who I could spend two hours with everyday afterschool, analyzing anything from stolen paintings to blue pima cotton fibers.
     However, I thought sticking to the status quo was a bit overrated. Just because I was an (intellectual) jock with my mock trial varsity letter didn’t mean I couldn’t love to write (okay, I’m taking it a bit overboard here but bear with me). I am still unsure how my better half, fittingly named Emily as well, and I decided on signing up for journalism. But sometimes, random decisions work themselves out in fascinating ways. I had a “Gabriella meets Troy while singing karaoke on New Year’s Eve” type of moment.
     Simply put, being a part of journalism has taken every passion I’ve ever had and bundled it into one magnificent package. I have been able to practice my love for writing, design, and business every day for the past two years. I am usually able to come up with ten thousand things to say to define what I’m talking about, but there is simply no way for me to describe the sheer amount of joy, pride, and fulfillment journalism has brought to me. I knew I found my passion when I became so invested that I couldn’t help but feel frustrated, happy, and maybe just a bit confused at the same time. The ever-changing environment (gloriously cheerful and stressed to the point of borderline anxiety), father-like adviser, understatedly funny assistants, and the three musketeers all encompass what I know and love about journalism.         
     I am not a Wildcat, I can’t sing in tune (though I do quite a snazzy rendition of “Shake it Off”), and I have yet to find my Troy Bolton. But I have found what I love."
And with that, I'm now a graduate. I am excited to see what college has to offer me, but for now, I can't wait to enjoy my four months of summer vacation! 

What are your fondest high school memories?


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